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Best for Boys (8-16)                Army Adventure, Licence to Kill, Zombie Attack!
Best for Girls  (8-16)                Spy Girls, Music Video, Snow White, The Nutcracker
Best for mixed kids (8-16)       Zombie Attack!, Dr Who, Bugsy Malone
Best for large groups (8-16)    Movie TrailersNinja AssassinArmy Adventure
Best for adults (male)              Goodfellas, B-Movie Horror, Enter the Dragon
Best for adults (female)           Sex in the CityMamma MiaAusten Drama 
Best for adults (mixed)            Murder MysteryMamma MiaDick Tracy
Best for Stag Parties               The HangoverGoodfellas, Enter the Dragon
Best for Hen Parties                Sex in the City, BollywoodMamma Mia, Bride Star
Best for Christmas                  The Nutracker, Murder Mystery