How does it work?

Party length                    10am - 6.30pm Premiere Screening
Max no of guests             12 - 30 (varies with theme)

1. Choose one of our film THEMES
2. Invite your guests with one of our complimentary film-themed e-invitations. They will ALL be playing a role! 
3. Our award-winning film crew arrive at your house (or venue) with all the equipment they need to shoot, post-produce and screen your film. We begin by creating the story (with input from the stars) and soon it's…
4. “Lights, camera...” Yes, it’s time for the shoot! The punches fly, the heroines swoon and the guns blaze. And no one escapes without saying “ACTION!'
5. Once the film’s in the can, our film editor cuts the movie onsite in record time – adding professional effects, credits and a full soundtrack.
6. Then it’s time to hand out the popcorn and take your seats for your own World Premiere! We bring all the screening equipment to give you and your guests the big-screen experience. 
7. 10 working days later, you'll receive copies of the film for every participant, including a Behind the Scenes special feature to capture those priceless moments you’ll want to watch again, and again (and again...) 

"The astonishing success of MovieParties boils down to a combination of talent and teamwork." 
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