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Are Movie Parties for kids or adults?
Both! Everyone loves starring in a movie - and Movie Parties are great fun for kids & adults, or a mixed age group. We have THEMES suitable for all age groups, and the content of your movie is unique to you.

When might be a good time to host a Movie Party?
A birthday party, Christmas party, Hen or Stag party, anniversary present - almost any excuse will do!

Do Movie Parties provide a location for the party?
No. Movie Parties take place in a house/venue organised by the client.

If the party is for kids, how young can the kids be?
Movie Parties for kids start at 8 yrs old.

Can we suggest our own theme?
Yes, but an additional charge will apply to cover the cost of gathering the resources and preparing your theme. Our selection of themes can often be adapted to suit, which is often a better solution. To discuss a potential theme, please contact us.

How long does a Movie Party last for?
Your guests should be invited for 10am and the film will screen at 630pm. (Note: timings for Weekend House Party options and Stag/Hen Party packages will vary).

Can we do a shorter Movieparty? 
Unfortunately not. Films take months or years to make. We’re doing it all in a day and we need every minute to complete the miracle!

What is the maximum number of guests we can invite for filming?
Between 12 and 30, depending on the theme you’ve chosen. This number includes the host/star.

Can we invite more guests than the stated maximum?
We’d love you to share your Movie Party with as many of your friends as possible, but we also want to ensure that everybody has a great Movie Party experience. Therefore we require maximum numbers to be strictly observed. However, if you want to include more people, why not invite them to your Premiere?

Can we invite more guests to the Premiere at 630pm?
Absolutely - the more the merrier! Adults may wish to invite other guests who haven’t taken part in shooting for drinks/dinner and kick the evening off in style with a World Premiere...

Is any catering included?
No. All catering arrangements are the responsibility of the client. Our Movie Party crew would be grateful if lunch could be provided for them during the day.  

Does each Movie Party theme come with a pre-prepared script?
No. Every Movie Party film is different and unique to you. The story is always devised with the stars on the day, allowing you to include any funny lines/pets/costumes/in-jokes/locations you wish to.

Will the guests use the camera equipment themselves?
The main film is shot by our professional crew. However, there is a Behind-the-Scenes camera which guests can use during the day.

Where does the filming take place?
Our crews are masters of guerilla filmmaking - improvising around your house, garden (if there is one), the surrounding street/parks/grounds. Outdoor space is very useful, but not essential (unless specified in theme description). Watching a film shot in familiar places is all part of the fun.

Is our house big enough to host a Movie Party?
Almost certainly. Though if space is tight, outside space such as a park close by can be helpful.

What space will be required in the house by the film crew?
We need 2 spaces:
1. Main space: this is where we create the story, gather everyone together - and usually hold the Premiere.
2. A quiet space for editing and kit storage: usually a study or spare bedroom, with a table or desk to sit at, and preferably away from the main space (younger guests may try to break down the door with excitement, which tends to distract our editor!)

When will we receive our Copies of the film?
10 working days after the party.

What's included on your copy?

  • Main Movie
  • Behind the Scenes Special Feature
  • Stills Gallery
  • Still Photo Gallery

How long will our completed movie be?
The main movie will be around 6-12 mins in length. The Behind the Scenes Special Feature will be around 6-10 minutes long. This may sound short (it’s all done in a day after all!), but when every shot is an amazing surprise it really feels like a proper movie.

Can we host a Movie Party abroad?
Absolutely! Please contact us for details.

How do I book a MovieParty?
Call us on 020 7121 6352 or email info@movie-parties.co.uk
We take a 25% deposit to secure the booking.